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 Fusing music and ministry, multi-faceted Worship Artist Joey Nicholson is on a mission to
 take worship to the nations of the world. Joey accomplishes this call by coloring his music
 with passionate and intimate worship of our Lord Jesus Christ.


 As a Minister, Worship Leader, Author, Recording Artist and Songwriter, the Lord
 brings together the heart of a worshiper and the anointing of a psalmist in Joey's music and

Joey's Blog 

Wide World of Webs


 It’s an amazing thing to see a freshly-spun spider’s web. Just to see the design and symmetry that comes from such a small creature. And even if it’s removed, inadvertently or not, the spider will have it reconstructed by the next morning. Amazing! . Read More>>


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The mission of Joey Nicholson Ministries is "taking worship to the nations".