20 Years of Ministry

Celebrating 20 years of Joey Nicholson Ministries


It’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years since the Lord called me to ‘take worship to the nations’. Yes, this September 2018 is 20 years! I can remember being on an international mission trip, leading worship and preaching on the Priestly anointing, when God first stirred this in me and the Holy Spirit began calling me to ‘take worship to the nations’. I said, “Lord, are you sure? I’m from small town Gainesville, GA and satisfied with what I’m doing, being the Worship Pastor at a local church and seeing lives impacted daily”. He confirmed this calling to me again and again through His Word.

One of the scriptures was Revelation 22:2, the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations. I literally saw this verse in my mind’s eye, and I asked Pastor Dave Smith, an incredible artist and friend, to draw what I was seeing in this verse. Of course, he drew exactly what I described to him and this became our ministry logo, which is on everything we do. What a blessing!

It’s been such an amazing journey so far; we’ve been able to minister so many places and meet so many wonderful people, and we’ve seen God do so many great things, and have many salvation, healing and miracle testimonies!

Our ministry has been worship-focused, even though we’ve been doing many things such as, preaching, teaching, songwriting, serving and worship evangelism. We’ve even been involved in worship before it was a genre.  :)  We’ve been known by many as a multi-faceted ministry and as a trans-denominational ministry, meaning that we minister across all denominations, which has been such a freeing thing to many!

We’d like to thank ALL who have helped us over the years. All the prayers and giving and encouragement has helped us to help people all over the world! It’s all about sharing the Gospel and teaching people to come into the presence of the Lord where we can be changed. Thank You!

Below we have listed a few highlights from over the last 20 years, and there’s really no way to mention it all, but we will mention the great lovingkindness of our Lord Jesus Christ to all who will listen!



Music and Ministry Highlights


- Traveled to many nations, states and cities around the country and seen God touch and transform so many people

- For many years, assisted an international mission group by leading worship and speaking for youth groups and their leaders on numerous mission trips to many countries. Also, taught Biblical worship to all the staff, leaders and interns at the group’s international headquarters

- Ministered in many street outreach events, locally and on inner-city missions around the country

- Taught on worship (Joey’s green-tape teaching) hundreds of times to all age groups

- Written 100’s of songs, many for churches, camps and schools

- Established EveryShore Publishing so we could publish our music, books, sheet music and songbooks

- Assisted many churches in a short-term interim Worship Pastor role

- Numerous opportunities to teach and train multiple worship teams at churches and conferences, and also have several guitar/piano students who are currently involved with leading worship at their churches

- Released first book, Waves of Worship, at the 2013 International Christian Retail Show in St. Louis, MO

- Five years of leading worship, preaching and teaching daily at Riverside Retreat youth camps for the Florida Conference of United Methodist Churches

- As a songwriter for Gospel Light VBS, Joey’s song, Stronger Than Anything, was learned, memorized and sung by children around the world. What an honor!

- While working with World Vision, a humanitarian relief organization, Joey was able to help many children receive assistance through sponsorship and traveled to Dominican Republic to meet Rocio, our sponsored child, while ministering all around the island nation

- Wrote and performed the Armed Forces song, I Say Thank You, for the homecoming of the 802nd Ordnance Company when returning to U.S. from Afghanistan. Truly a blessing!



Honors and Honorable Mentions


- Honored to minister at childhood church, Historic Central Baptist Church

-  Received the 2005 KCCM (Kansas City Christian Music) Award for Male Vocalist of the Year

- Received the 2009 KCCM Song of the Year Award

- Served with a Pastor who said, “you’re the first Worship Leader I’ve met that I can trust”. What an honor!

- Asked by a Pastor and his wife to lead their church while they were out of town, and they said, “you are the only one we would trust with our church”. Again, what an honor!

- Have maintained a very close relationship with my Pastor who released me to minister to the nations. I still love and honor him today


Some Notable Quotables



- After teaching on worship, a man approached Joey while weeping and said, “that teaching has changed my life, I will never be the same.” Wow

- After we had led worship at a Book Show, an author told Angela, “I would follow that man into battle – I can trust his leading.”

- After teaching on worship, an older woman said that 25 years ago, a Messianic Rabbi told her, “if you get the pattern right, the Glory will come”. She said, “tonight, I finally understand what he was talking about.”

Hard to believe, 20 years! We're ready for 20 more, are you? Let's get ready and see what the Lord does!