John 4:24 "God is a Spirit: and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and truth."

Jesus gave us such a revelation of true worship. This scripture is the foundation that I use when I teach churches and worship teams the meaning and value of true worship. I even put it on the back of our ministry t-shirt J.

Jesus said we must worship in spirit. There is no other way. He said this because God is Spirit, and in John 6:63, He said it is the Spirit that quickens or gives life. The flesh profits nothing. In order for us to profit or to have life, we have to get in the spirit. When we can push past our flesh, and past our own emotions, into the spirit, then we can be changed.

Music is such a great gift from God, especially music in our churches today. Music can affect our emotions, make us feel better, and it definitely moves us. But we must remember, "worship music" is only a tool to get us to God. As we truly worship, we enter into God's presence and He brings His power to anyone who desires to be changed by Him. When we minister, we expect the anointing of Jesus Christ to change lives. 

When we travel, we teach worship teams to push into His presence. We love to make a joyful noise and to shout to God with a voice of triumph. But we've found it's in the quiet place, or still place, that He speaks.


We have a strong desire to impart passion for Jesus through intimate worship. We love to see worship bands, vocalists, even pastors and youth groups get excited when they truly come into the presence of the Lord.



If you'd like for Joey to come to your church for an exciting, fun and intimate time of worship, just let us know!

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