I Glorify The Name --- CCLI #3436020

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I Glorify The Name -- CCLI #3436020


Verse 1

When trouble comes my way

 I know it’s really hard to say I must go on

When I finally take a stand

And I take You by the hand

And then I’m strong

I fall on my knees

And ask You, Lord , please hear my cry



I glorify the name of Jesus

I magnify the name of the Lord

I bow before Your throne

I worship You alone

With my heart and soul I cry

Be glorified


Verse 2

No matter how I feel

I know Your love is real inside of me

Your stirring in my soul

I only want to go where You’re guiding me

And I’m going to say

I’ll let nothing come my way

That’s going to keep me from worshiping You



All I need is Your presence You said ‘come and dine’

All I want is to worshipYou with my life


© 2000 EveryShore Publishing/ASCAP
Words and Music by Joey Nicholson