The Way --- CCLI #5852389

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The Way -- CCLI #5852389


If you are lost, I’ll be your way

For I am the Way
When you’re accused, I’ll be the truth 
Because I am the Truth
Even if you die, I’ll breathe new life
Oh, I am the Life
Oh, I AM
If you are trapped in the back 
Of a wilderness
You fall and you call out
It seems that no one cares
Losing hope, nowhere to go
We think no one sees us
Don’t doubt, just call out to Jesus 
No matter where you go, always know
I care so much for you
And I love you, tell you the truth
Even if you die
I’m the Resurrection and the Life
Oh, I AM

© 2007 EveryShore Publishing/ASCAP
Words and Music by Joey Nicholson