Be A Hero --- CCLI #5752678 --- VBS/Youth Camp Song

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Be A Hero -- CCLI #5752678


Do   Do doot    Do do do do do

Do  Doot      Doot    Doot

Na na   Na na

Na na   Na na

Doot  do do    Doot do do do



He rose from the grave

So I can know I am saved

Now I can be a hero today


He rose from the dead

So I can do what He said

Now I can be a hero today


Chorus Extender

I go down and He lifts me up

Pour out and He fills me up




He showed us how to live

So we can know how to give

Now we can give to one another everyday


He showed us what is right

So we can walk in the light

And share His Love for one another everyday


Tag 1

I will be a friend

I’ll lift you up again

I will go down low

So you can be a hero


Tag 2

We are Heroes

Because He rose

Be a Hero today!one another everyday


© 2010 EveryShore Publishing/ASCAP
Words and Music by Joey Nicholson