Pray (Prayers Up!) --- CCLI #5752654 --- VBS/Youth Camp Song

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Pray (Prayers Up!) -- CCLI #5752654

Do do do   do do doot

Do do do   do do doot

Na na na    na na na


Verse 1

I will pray

Open up my mouth and pray

Anytime night or day

Fall upon my knees and pray



In the morning, in the evening

In the afternoon


I know I should, it does me good

Keeps my heart in tune


Prayers up!


Verse 2

I will pray

Just tell me, Lord, and I will pray

For anyone who needs me today

I’ll open up my mouth and pray



Prayers up!   (I will pray for you)

Prayers up!   (Whenever you want me to)


© 2009 EveryShore Publishing/ASCAP
Words and Music by Joey Nicholson