The CoLab Project

The CoLab Project is a musical collaboration between Joey Nicholson and five different and gifted lyricists from around the country, from California to Texas to Georgia.

These songwriters are anointed, award-winning, very talented and creative, and one has even won the race. (Hebrews 12:1) After putting the words to music, Joey went to the lab of his studio, and created ten songs that move from fun, upbeat and uplifting songs to intimate and sweet worship songs. Very encouraging songs, for sure! Joey then focused on recording, arranging, and mixing the tracks into a cohesive collection of songs that will both challenge and boost your faith.

The CoLab Project – Joey Nicholson

1. He’ll Not Be Late (Kris Miller, Joey Nicholson)

2. Where They Don’t Rust (Kris Miller, Joey Nicholson)

3. Come and Eat (Kris Miller, Joey Nicholson)

4. Recognition (Dad and I) (Kris Miller, Joey Nicholson)

5. The Ends of the Earth (Donna Spivey, Joey Nicholson)

6. Homeless Child Home (Donna Spivey, Joey Nicholson)

7. Wrapping Me (Donna Spivey, Joey Nicholson)

8. You Took My Nails (Ann Spivey, Joey Nicholson)

9. Awesome One (Eva Wilson, Joey Nicholson)

10. In His Spirit (Mary Ellen Collier, Joey Nicholson)

All songs are CCLI Registered. EveryShore Publishing is a CCLI Administrator. ©2021 EveryShore Publishing/ASCAP


This album is dedicated to Mary Ellen Collier. (1933-2008) You ARE in His Spirit! 


Kris Miller is an inspirational speaker, singer and performer, and an award-winning songwriter from California. Find out more about Kris at:

Eva Wilson is an award-winning songwriter from Texas. She has written and co-written hundreds of songs that are impacting the church globally.

Donna Spivey, author, lyricist, and songwriter from Georgia, writes beautiful words for the church. Her words both challenge and strengthen the believer’s faith and lead them into the very presence of God.

Ann Spivey, anointed lyricist, and songwriter from Georgia, has an amazing gift for expressing the words and heart of God. Her lyrics for the beautiful song, You Took My Nails, were written while she was a teenager. Amazing!

Mary Ellen Collier was an author, poet, lyricist, and songwriter for God who resided in Georgia. Among her many accomplishments in life, she was the past president of the Northeast Georgia Writers Club, worked for the FBI in Washington, and was one of the first women television weather anchors in Georgia. The CoLab Project is dedicated to Mary Ellen Collier.

Please be sure to look up all these great writers on social media and follow. Kris Miller, Donna Spivey, Ann Spivey, Eva J. Wilson


Mixed and Mastered by Joey Nicholson, ShoreLine Studios

All music by Joey Nicholson

All instruments and Lead Vocals: Joey Nicholson

Backing Vocals: Joey Nicholson, Angela Nicholson

Produced by: Joey Nicholson, ShoreLine Records