In Waves of Worship, Joey Nicholson brings an understanding of the preparation of the heart for worship, and an explanation of the role of music in worship by answering these and other questions:

       What is the difference between praise and worship?
       Who is supposed to praise the Lord and who isn't?
       When it comes to worship, what's love got to do with it?

Joey combines his sense of humor with his personal worship experiences, encouraging readers to desire to be real with each other and with the Lord; ultimately impacting others, from neighbors to nations!


A few endorsements from Waves of Worship:

"Worship is the purpose of our creation. In Waves of Worship Joey Nicholson takes the profound and simplifies its application into tangible form. You will find this book helpful not just for you, but for all worshipers you know. Nuggets of truth presenting in teachable format will make this book a worship reference in your library."

Dr. Samuel R. Chand
President Emeritus, Beulah Heights University


"I read books to be entertained or informed and occasionally I read one that moves me closer to God. Joey Nicholson's book, Waves of Worship, reminded me why I love reading books. I try to live by one of my life's mantras, "constand and never-ending improvement (CANI)". This book helped me understand why I need ot worship the Creator of the Universe and how to engage Him throught the art of music. Music leaders will progit from his years of experience and wisdom, but lay people, like me, will also understand how the process of worship works. Joey's book will help worship leaders by offering a model for success gained through years of experience and revelation from God. I highly recommend this book to worshipers everywhere. We were created to worship and now we have a tool to help understand the process."

Mike Smith
Michael Smith and Associated, Franklin, TN
Artist Management for:
Jaci Velasquez, Salvador, Go Fish, Brad Stine, Yancy, GodMen


"Joey Nicholson captures the heart of worship in his new book, Waves of Worship. Like a mighty ocean wave, this book breaks forth upon the soul and helps carry you into the presence of the Creator. You will love Jesus more and know how to express it better after reading this powerful book."

Dr. Ron Phillips, Pastor and Author
Abba's House, (Central Baptist Church) Chattanooga, TN

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