Wide World of Webs


It’s an amazing thing to see a freshly-spun spider’s web. Just to see the design and symmetry that comes from such a small creature. And even if it’s removed, inadvertently or not, the spider will have it reconstructed by the next morning. Amazing!

When I see a web, I realize that spider is doing what God has created it to do. God created the spider and the spider spun the web. Even when interrupted, the spider continues on. When the web is destroyed, the spider will start over with a new one. That’s when it really hit me, that we should be constantly doing the same thing, especially since we are made in the Creator’s image. How much more should we be ready and diligent to be doing what God created us to do.

Ecclesiastes 9:10 says, “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with ALL your might. “

When trouble comes against us, or the things of the world distract us or even knock some of us back, we should get up, and start over. Keep pressing on!

When we think about all the people all over the world, that’s a lot of webs and a lot of people who should be busy doing what God created them to do. I mean, it’s a wide world of webs. There’s a lot to do for His kingdom, so seek Him first and seek His purpose for your life and let’s get busy creating. That’s what keeps this world spinning!