Make a Wave and do NOT waver!

If you’ve listened to our album, Make a Wave, or read our book, Waves of Worship, then you know we are ALL about worshiping our Lord Jesus and staying continually in His presence.

Psalm 16:11 says, “in His presence is fulness of joy” and we know Nehemiah 8:10 says, “the joy of the Lord IS our strength”.

Our desire is to worship the Lord in everything we do and at all times, and this helps us and helps Him to get us through any thing and every thing! This worship will not just help us, but help others as we 'take worship to the nations of every shore'.

Jesus told us that times would be difficult, and He even promised in John 16:33 that trouble would come, but He is ALWAYS FAITHFUL AND ALWAYS WITH US! Praise the Lord!

James 1:6-8 says that if we don't have total faith in the Lord, and have doubt, we will be like a wave tossed in the sea by the wind. That means tossed around by any little thing. I don't want that and I know you don't either.

So we must totally trust in Him, doubting nothing, knowing that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE TO HIM WHO BELIEVES!!

We are Ambassadors for Christ on this Earth, which is His, so let's decide today, we will NOT waver, but we will go into ALL the world, NOW, and Make a Wave of Worship to the nations of Every Shore!

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