One in a Billion!

One in a billion! Now that's just about against all odds. I heard about a baseball player from Africa, (population 1 billion people), who made it to the Major Leagues. The odds of that happening are one in a billion!


The baseball player defied all odds and began living his dream by playing baseball, having fun and, of course, making much more money than he could in Africa.


Even against one-in-a-billion odds, the baseball player achieved his dream. This didn't happen by chance, but through hard work and perseverance. A friend of mine has said for many years that it takes 100% faith and 100% work to accomplish the dream that God puts in your heart.


Last week, another friend told me that he was ministering at an outreach in his hometown, giving out food and praying for others. Afterwards, he got his guitar out and started worshiping the Lord. A little bit later, a man came up to him and said “thank you so much for coming. Today I had decided to commit suicide and now I realize that someone loves me and I have hope for my life.” Wow! What an impact one life can make upon another!


This makes me ask the question, what are you doing? Yes, I am asking me: what are you doing with your life to make a difference in the lives of others? The baseball player could have said no one from Africa has ever made it to the Major Leagues, so why should I even try? And my friend, instead of reaching out, could have said I don't really want to go out today. I'm too tired, too busy, too whatever. But he went.



I recently saw a beautiful old piano that had just been sitting out for years in the elements. This reminded me of a saying that I’ve had for years: use it or lose it. You have to use the gifts and talents God's given you to make a difference in the lives of others. Or... you will lose it. What are you doing?